Thai House Restaurant

Thai House Restaurant


Catering Menu

All items below are served in standard take out trays (appox. serving 5 to 8 people) You may call 746-9424 or email us at

Mango Salad- $45.00

Cabbage Salad- $30.00

Broccoli Salad- $40.00

Veggie Rolls- (each) $1.75 Min 15 Pcs

Wings- (each) $2.00 Min 15 Pcs

Korean Chicken Wings- (each) $2.00 Min 15 Pcs

Pinoy BBQ Pork Skewers- (each) $3.00 Min 15 Pcs

Fried Wonton- (each) $0.80 Min 25 pcs

Fried Rice Veggies- $55.00

Fried Rice with Meat- $65.00

Special Fried Rice- $80.00

Broccoli Beef- $70.00

Basil Beef/ Pad Prik Beef- $70.00

Ginger Beef- $70.00

Basil Chicken/ Pad Prik Chicken- $60.00

Curry Chicken- $65.00

Sweet and Sour/ Honey Garlic Chicken- $60.00

Sweet and Sour Tofu- $60.00

Sweet and Spicy Chicken- $60.00

Sweet and Spicy Tofu- $60.00

Chow Mien Veggies- $55.00

Chow Mien with Meat- $65.00

Special Chop Suey- $75.00

Thai Style Fish- $70.00

Thai Seafood Medley- $85.00

Pad Thai/ Pansit chicken- $65.00

Pad Thai/ Pansit with Veggies- $55.00

Classic Cashew nut Chicken- $70.00

ThaiHouse Famous Curry Chicken- $70.00

Pork Sisig- $90.00

White Rice- $30.00

We require 50% deposit to confirm all order and Cancellation must be made 24 hours prior to your catering date & time to get a full refund of your deposit fees.